Functional Fitness Articles. Enjoy, they will enlighten you! I update these, so check back regularly!

Wonderful article by Katy Bowman on how we are starving our bodies of oxygen.
Alignment MattersYour Not Starving But Y
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Back to Basics New article 10/23/10
We sit in chairs instead of squatting,” Colangelo says. “We see 600,000 hip replacements in our country a year. Two-thirds of the world doesn’t need hip replacements simply because they squat. It’s one of the three prime positions the body loves. Squatting relieves disc pressure: The diaphragm muscle is in its favorite position, as are the bowels, sphincter, knees and hips.”
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Help with Repetitive Stress Syndrome, a disabling pain and stiffness in the arms and hands
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Theory of Exercise by Paul Grilley Phd
Exercise should be modified according to the tissue we wish to affect. exercising Yang tissue in a Yin way could be damaging and vice versa.

The fundamental theory of exercise is that we must stress a tissue to make it stronger
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Stretching the Spine (Yin or Yang) Paul Grilley
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Katy Bowman, MA discusses that SI Joint pain has more to do with tension in the hips as opposed to the spine
Katie discusses that SI Joint pain has more to do with tension in the hips as oposed to the spine. Here is a quick quote: "I wouldn’t consider SI joint pain a “back” or spinal issue because the muscles that act upon the sacrum belong to the pelvic and hip category." For more from Katie, click on the document or visit her website:
Minimally invasive surgery could relieve
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Great Tips for making walking a very effective fitness activity.
Some of the tips in this article will blow you away. If your anything like me, this article will change the way you walk. You can improve bone density, core stability, symmetry, circulation and improve posture. Please take the time to review it.
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Yoga gives us many "positions on life" Katy points out in this article the more the better!
So, we’ve got a situation where sitting constantly is creating disease and standing constantly is creating disease. The problem isn’t the sitting (or the standing, for that matter), but the constant and continuous use of a single position. Even this question smacks of someone from a North American and European perspective. As if sitting is bad and standing is bad, the only option left must be lying down. As if there is only three choices to how you position your body. As if there isn’t about a thousand different ways you could position your body.
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Let the Lumbar Spine Be, by Paul Grilley
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In awe of the subtle (Wisdom from Rodney Yee)
I had the great fortune of studying with Rodney Yee at the "Be Yoga" Conference at Omega. Rodney and Colleen were both amazing teachers. I plan on doing more with Rodney and Colleen in the future
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