No yoga class Monday 9:00 am on 1/16/17 due to Martin Luther King Day.  Join us on Wednesday night and Friday morning at the Medical Center West this week.

Cancellations will be posted here, you can also sign up to be informed if there are cancellations. (See the link to the left, or email me to place your name on the list)



  Hatha Yoga and Bio Mechanics

 Sign in and pay at the library at 9:00 am

Please leave 4 parking spaces in the library parking lot. parking is available on Orange or Maple Street


32 Maple Street
Marcellus, NY 13108-1257
(315) 673-3221 



 Gentle & Restorative Yoga

Camillus Medical Center West

6:15 pm -7:30 pm Yin/Restorative 

 Camillus, NY 13031-3200

(315) 487-1427

Fee $7.00



  Hatha yoga with Bio-Mechanics

9:00 am -10:30 BioMechanics Yoga/ Yin Yoga 

 Camillus Medical Center West

(Studio B)

      5700 West Genesee Street
Camillus, NY 13031-3200
  (315) 487-1427

Fee $7.00


Kayla, my daughter, demonstrating Yin Yoga
Kayla, my daughter, demonstrating Yin Yoga

Gentle Yin Yoga:

  • Enjoy a gentle modified yin yoga approach to address your needs by modifying the poses to honor your specific areas of need. 
  • The purpose of yin yoga is to target the deeper tissues with appropriate modifications using props to add your healing experience
  • Yin yoga has been reported to improve mood, immunity, sleep, reduce stress, relieve stiffness, aches and pain.
  • Please see my bio below to determine if my training meets your needs 
Yang Yoga, demonstrated with Tina
Yang Yoga, demonstrated with Tina






      Bio-Mechanical Hatha Yoga


The modern approach of bio-mechanics, will allow students to move in ways that respect the laws of natural movement. (Please see my bio below to determine if my training meets your needs)


You will be guided to honor your bodies wisdom moving with awareness, appreciation and confidence





Tina is a Professional Wellness Educator and Yoga Teacher, with over 20 years experience
Tina is a Professional Wellness Educator and Yoga Teacher, with over 20 years experience

·        Registered by The Yoga Alliance, as a E-RYT, since the year 2000,

·        BSE (Bachelors of Science & Education from SUNY Cortland) 

·        Experience Wellness Educator since 1986

·        NYS Certified Recreation Therapist, 

·        Certificated by  American Council on Exercise for 20 years.

·        WIT Personal Trainer - OCC

·        Certified Kripalu Danskinetics Instructor  trained at Kripalu Yoga Center in 1986

·        52 Weeks of Everybody Biomechanics training with Katy Bowman, author / bio-mechanics educator

·        Anatomy  Series w/Martin Kirk 20 hours

·        Anatomy Trainings with  Judith Lasaster, PT, Ph.D, (Over 80 hours)

·        Anatomy Training and bio mechanics with Yoga Therapist Dough Keller (10 hours)

·        Anatomy & Health training of the pelvic floor with  Julie Wiebe, Physical Therapist

·        Self Awakening/Somatic Movement, author/Yoga teacher Dr. Don Stapleton, Kripalu Yoga Center

·        Somatic Yoga training with Christi Rypin, author of Yummy Yoga, Kripalu Yoga Center,

·        Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings with Sarah Powers, author of Insight Yoga, Kripalu Yoga Center

      Meditation Teacher Training - with Sarah Powers, Kripalu Yoga Center